POMS 8th Grade Activities







The POMS 8th Grade Activities Committee has been busy planning the following events celebrating the Class of 2024: 


If you have any questions, please email the POMS PTO 8th Grade Activities Chairs Melissa Law & Tricia Onufer at 8thgradeactivities@pinoakpto.org.



Thank you to our generous 8th Grade Activities underwriters!



8th Grade Breakfast Underwriters:


The Bocanegra Family

The Huang Family

Tiffany & Brett Podolsky

Kimberly Brasington

The Khalifa Family

The Prelle-Hofstetter Family

Jamie Broach Byrd

The King Family

The Promubol Family

The Brown Family

The Lo Family

The Rico Family

The Bui Family

Ethan Mackay

The Sederis Family

The Camp Family

The Mandayam Family

The Stopnicki Family

The Daugherty Family

The Mark Family

The Sydow-LaRue Family

The Dorsey Family

The Minetos Family

Pamela Wilson



8th Grade Dance Underwriters:


The Afshar Family

The Jukes Family

The Onufer Family

The Alcanter Family

Family Krane

The Perry Family

The Browning Family

The Lancelin Family

The Pickelner Family

Edit & Sean Churchill

The Law Family

Murali Premkumar

The Cune Family

The Lim Family

The Streusand Family

The Dorsey Family

The Lizarraga Family

The Taaffe Family

The Garibaldi Family

Edrick Moore

 The Wylie Family

Family of Jacob Graves

The Moore Family

 The Zager Family

Kelly & Blake Hill

The Most Family


The Irbys

Elise Nguyen & Family




8th Grade Promotion Parade & Picnic Underwriters:


The Afshar Family

Florencia & Steven Foster

The H. Nguyen Family


Rainy & Brian Gibbs

The Rappazzo Family


The Hastings Family

The Segraves Family

The Armstrong Family

The Hazen Family

The Sinha Family

The Balke Family

Rob & Kristy Leatherman

The Soto Family

Frank & Marcille Baumgartner

The Lorch Family

The Spain Family

The Bleyer Family

The Lubchenko Family

The Streusand Family

The Bourg Family

The Mendelovitz Family

The Trandafir Family

The Callaci Family

The Moncrief Family

The Wollner Family

Teresa Chae

The Nguyen Family





8th Grade Activities FAQ


Why is the 8th Grade Activities Committee raising money?

  • Your purchase makes it possible for ALL POMS 8th graders to fully enjoy our many scheduled events:
    • 8th Grade Field Trip
      • Plenty of snacks & cold drinks on bus to/from and for duration of field trip
      • POMS covering admission for all 8th graders to attend field trip
      • POMS covering lunch/drinks for all 8th graders at field trip
      • POMS PTO covering chartered coach buses for all 8th graders to/from field trip (~$8,000)  
    • 8th Grade Breakfast
      • Breakfast buffet food and drinks for nearly 400 students
      • Decorations/balloon arches
      • Signing booklet for students who didn't purchase a yearbook
    • 8th Grade Dance
      • Large LED light up dance floor
      • DJ
      • Food/drinks for nearly 400 students
      • Photo booths
      • Candy bar buffet
      • Decorations/balloon arches
      • Party favors for nearly 400 students
      • Selfie backgrounds
      • Custodians for cleanup after hours 
    •  8th Grade Promotion Parade & Picnic
      • Photographer
      • Selfie Backgrounds
      • Catered lunch, drinks, snacks, and sweets for nearly 400 students
      • Raffle prizes
      • DJ
      • Decorations/balloon arches


What is included in the "Club 8" Ultimate Package?

  • Exclusive "Club 8" Swag Bag - POMS beach towel, lip balm, POMS sunglasses, sunscreen, & drawstring backpack ($45)
  • Panoramic Photo ($30)
  • 8th Grade Dance Ticket ($15)
  • 8th Grade T-Shirt ($20)
  • 8th Grade Yard Sign ($30)


Can the above items be purchased individually? 

  • The "Club 8" Swag Bag may not be purchased outside of the "Club 8" Ultimate Package.
  • The dance ticket, t-shirt, and yard sign may be purchased individually on the POMS PTO website.
  • The panoramic photo may be purchased directly from the Goldbeck Company on the day of the panoramic photo. More info to come.


Why underwrite an event?

  • We want to make these events as exciting and memorable as possible for our kids!
  • The only funds we will have is what we raise through the "Club 8" Ultimate Package and the event underwriters.
  • You will also get recognition on a banner in the POMS circle drive and in the POMS PTO Charger Chatter, Website & Social Media.


How many events can I underwrite?

  • You can underwrite ALL events if you want! The Underwriter + "Club 8" Ultimate Package is $208.
  • You can purchase additional underwriting opportunities for $100 each (without the "Club 8" Ultimate Package).


Is there an option to donate in other ways?

  • Yes, you can donate to the 8th Grade Activities Donation Fund.
  • No amount is too small.
  • This fund will go toward t-shirts and dance tickets for those students who our Wraparound Services Coordinator has identified as having a financial hardship.


Can my company make a donation or sponsor specific items for events like the dance floor, photo booth, etc.?

  • Absolutely! Corporate sponsorship opportunities begin at just $250 and include recognition for your company (and its logo) on a banner in the POMS circle drive, as well as in the POMS PTO Charger Chatter, website, and social media!
  • Email corporatesponsors@pinoakpto.org to get started.


What about in-kind donations?

  • Yes, that would be great! If you are able to donate food items, decorations, cool stuff for the swag bag, gift cards for raffle prizes, etc. We would greatly appreciate it!
  • Please email 8thgradeactivities@pinoakpto.org.
  • We have 386 8th graders.


If I am good at something (like making balloon arches, slideshows, photo backdrops, photography, etc.), can I offer my help that way?

  • Yes, please! We are looking for some talented people to help out to make things even memorable for our kids.


When will I receive my items?

  • T-shirts (both à la carte and those part of the "Club 8" Ultimate Package") and panoramic photos will be distributed at school after spring break. Don't worry... your panoramic photo will be protected in a cardboard mailing tube, so it won't get smashed inside your child's backpack.
  • Yard signs may be picked up on Tricia Onufer's porch in Bellaire. Check your email for her address.
  • "Club 8" Swag Bags will be distributed to the students who purchased them on the morning of the field trip as they get on the bus to depart school.
  • Please note that there will be no physical dance ticket; students' names will be on a list at the entrance of the dance.


When is the deadline to purchase my 8th grader's items?

  • The deadline to order is February 1, 2024.
  • This allows us enough time to order the correct quantity of all items without wasteful overages and distribute them right after spring break (minus the "Club 8" Swag Bag which will be given to those who purchased them before they get on the bus to the field trip). Our deadline also allows us to set accurate budgets for each event (as well as a headcount for the dance) prior to signing binding contracts with vendors.